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Marissa Lenti

Marissa Lenti, best known as the voice of Moze (Borderlands 3) and as Gangle from (The Amazing Digital Circus), is a voice actor who you can hear in anime roles like Cocotte (Dragon Ball Super), Libra (Fairy Tail), Yuna (Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear), Arue (Konosuba), Gray Wolf (Kemono Friends), Momoko Hyakushiki & Kuu (NANBAKA), Chiaki Hoshinomori (Gamers!), Mistress Sadie (One Piece), Ilse Langnar (Attack on Titan), Yuzu Roromori (The Ones Within), Alicia Florence (Aria the Animation), Sister Jill (Cutie Honey), Kohaku (In Another World With My Smartphone), and Atusko Yoshida (Keijo!!!!!!!!), among others!

They’ve also appeared in many other video game roles, like as Financier Cookie (Cookie Run:Kingdom), Thor (Marvel Avengers Academy), Nita (Brawl Stars), Polly Bendleson (HuniePop 2:Double Date), and Maria Notte (Freedom Planet 2)! They also appear in web content, such as their roles as Joanna Greenleaf in RWBY and Maria in the Aphmau Pheonix Drop High series, in addition to their numerous appearances and past casting/directing work on Rooster Teeth’s Death Battle.

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